We are happy to announce the introduction of Contracts and Workspaces. The Contracts introduce a new higher level hierarchic structure including the Workspaces. The Workspaces replace the current Organisational structure.

Changes in the UI

To accommodate our Contracts and Workspaces, we introduced several new features to our UI. When log in here is how it would look.

Hover of the left side or click on the burger-icon and the menu will extend.

Here we have the new menu area. Click and explore these menu items. Most of the items under the Analyze and Integrate are familiar to our users. What is new here is the Organize part where all the settings of the current Workspaces can be found. You can create more Workspaces from here by selecting the + Add on the left side below the Acme Workspace.

Where is my profile?

To find your profile click on your avatar picture at the left bottom of the screen.

The workspace menu would go back and a new profile menu will extend. Before going further here you have the name of the current Contract. If you are a member of many contracts, their names would show up here with ACME contract. Click on Settings to navigate to your profile.

Here you have your profile with usual settings as before. The menu on the left side has more features. For example, from here you can navigate to your SSH Keys. The new menu includes the ability to navigate to your Contract settings where you can also access the development teams.

Where are my teams and repositories?

You can access the development teams through the Contract menu. Here are the steps again: 

  1. Select your avatar picture (left-bottom) to open a menu.
  2. Click on the Settings to load your profile page.
  3. Select your contract from the left menu to navigate to the contract administration page
  4. Here you have the list of Contract members and a tab called Developer Teams. Click on it to see your teams.

If you are the Contract administrator, this is the place to invite new members to your contract. If you are a member of a development team, your teams will be here when you select the Developer Teams tab.

Changes under the hood

The Organizations become Workspaces under one Contract. The Developer Teams will belong to the Contracts and not to the Workspaces. The diagram below summarises the change.

What are the Contracts?

A Contract is a structural entity which reflects an agreement Contract between a customer and the platform provider. It can have an unlimited number of members, workspaces and development teams. The purpose of the Contract is to manage all members, workspaces and development teams. It also serves a singular entity for the billing against the consumed resources by all the integration flows.

Every member of the Contract has one unique access level or role within the current Contract: Contract Admin or a Member. The same user in the platform can have different roles in different Contracts.

Please note only the Tenant Admin can create a Contracts unit and the first Contract Admin. After the unit is created the Contract Admin can invite others and set their level of access. (Tenant is a higher structure, which includes all Contracts that belong to the white-label client).

What are the Workspaces?

A workspace is a space where every user can work on an integration project independently or in collaboration with other users. Every user is a member of at least one Workspace, but, each Workspace can have more than one member. All members of a Workspace have their access level or roles. There are only 3 roles:

  • Workspace Admin - this role gives the holder all the rights within the Workspace unit
  • Integrator - this role is granted for designing the integration process by building the flows, etc
  • Guest - this role gives view-only rights to examine the work by Integrators

Each role is limited to the given Workspace only. The same user in the platform can have different roles in different Workspaces.