Released: 16th of January 2018

Our team is constantly adding new features to our current user interface (UI) to make it more convenient to use. The recent additions and improvements include:

Flow Description field

The new Flow Description field is now added where you can enter your text to describe the current flow. 

To add you description just click on the field, enter the text and navigate away. The description text will be saved automatically.

Step Summary

Every integration step has now a Summary tab where platform shows all the information about this step.

In particular, the Summary tab has:

  1. The name of this particular step. Click on the field to change it right here.
  2. The step Description field. Click on the field to enter the description.
  3. If the component uses a security credential appears here.
  4. If this step is configured to run on a Local Agent then the name and the description of the Local Agent appears here.

To rename the integration step it is not necessary to load the Summary page. It can also be done during the step design:

Uniform design

Here is the new look of the Developers team page:

Where several teams can be seen with number of members and the repositories within. Each team gets a new page like:

Where along with the developers one can see the repositories belonging to this team. When clicked on each repository one can see this:

The environment variables page also got a remake and it looks like:

The User profile page now looks like:

And finally the SSH Keys page looks like: