Our team was working hard to make improvements to the integration flow designer. We have heard your suggestions and complains. Today (28th of November 2017) we would like to announce new features of our UI which will provide more customization for your integration design process:

Test this step is now Generate sample

Test this step got a significant upgrade. It is now called "Generate sample". This is not only a name change but a whole new opportunity for your integration needs. Now you are presented with two options: Retrieve sample from the previous step and Add sample manually. Here are the options for MailChimp component:

Retrieve sample from the previous step works as the previosly known "test this step". You retrieve the sample from the previous step to test your mapping. This was the only method to generate samples and had several drawbacks such as:

  • You were forced to make a call to a 3rd party service during every "test this step" instance.
  • In cases when the 3rd party service was the production environment this could cause many problems.

Add sample manually is just an alternative to provide a sample without calling the target service. This is helpful if you want to change your flow connected to a production system and don’t want to insert new test objects in production.

To provide a sample manually you need to know exactly what payload is returned by the target service, maybe copying it from the service’s docs and pasting to the text area. It’s all done in the UI.

An input field would contain a valid JSON generated from the output schema of the component where the parameter values are randomly generated strings. Any inputted JSON will be evaluated for validity.

Developer mode for Configure Input step

Configure input step got a new functionality to enable even more possibilities to customise the mapping stage. You can now operate in two modes: Integrator or Developer.

Integrator mode is the same mapping stage as you've used before where the fields can be selected and filled-in the forms.

The Developer mode is new. It gives you an opportunity to provide the exact mapping that you require in JSON format.

You are given an input area where JSON of your desired mapping can be written. When openned first time this field will contain a JSON automatically generated from the input schema of the component action. JSON property values are generated randomly and would need to be changed to match your case. The mapping results would be presented in the evaluation area. If the input JSON is not valid an error will be reported here.

Please note if one of the modes is selected it will be saved as default for this step.