The recipient list is a message processing concept when one message is sent to multiple recipients for separate processing. A very simplified implementation of the recipient list is found in most e-mail systems where each message can be sent to a list of predefined recipients.

In integration flows the recipient list is used to acquire information from one source (CRM, ERP, etc) and send it almost simultaneously to different systems for further processing.

Here is an example recipient list:

In the example presented in the picture above purchase order is acquired from Magento online shop and sent to several systems to record: A new contact is created in Salesforce, a new subscriber is added in MailChimp, a new order is created in and an ERP system such as SAP ByDesign and then a new invoice is created in Sage. One flow instead of four separate flows!

Benefits of recipient list

Benefits of recipient list implementation can be multiple. For example:

  • Reduce the time and effort in integration system construction by enabling a tree-like flow structure instead of several linear flows.
  • Reduce the complexity of the integration process by eliminating the need to sync different systems. Now all the systems receive the same information almost simultaneously.
  • Reduce the number of API calls to the source which would:
    • shorten the time of data integration and the sync process several times,
    • help stay within the allocated API call rates lowering the running costs and preventing potential outages to the service.