Passthrough enables the data re-usability along the integration flow; meaning the data can be re-used and re-mapped again - nothing is lost.

This feature enables mapping of the data from non-adjacent steps. Thanks to this, the Passthrough feature can be ideally used for content enrichment purposes. For more concrete examples please check the following example:

Schematic representation of the passthrough

With this feature enabled it is possible to pass-it-through the data from the component not only to the next step but the step after that and thereafter. This means the data of any particular step can be used and reused along with the integration flow several times. Here is how it looks schematically:

Previously the mapping was only possible between the adjacent field like between Component1 and Component2 or Component2 and Component3 and further like that (so called Sequential mapping).

Passthrough is a feature which enables the access to configuration fields from the previous components in the integration flow.

With passthrough enabled, it is possible to:

  • Map Component1 with Component3 and then use the same Component1 data to map the fields of components after the Component3.
  • The same way the data from Component2 can be carried along to map the fields of any new components which come after the Component3 and after.