If the Sphere.IO connector is used as a trigger then it is possible to Query Customers or Query Orders.

Query Customers

  • Account (required) - By selecting the dropdown menu you will be able to choose your Sphere.io account if you have entered it previously. Alternatively you can add it from here as well.
  • Additional predicate to filter customers - This optional field can be used to filter and include only the customers needed for the particular integration flow. More information about how to use this field can be learned from Sphere.io help pages .

Query Orders

  • Account (required) - Choose your account here.
  • Additional predicate to filter orders - This optional field can be used to filtering of resources through flexible predicates which are described in Sphere.io help pages.
  • Expand customer's external ID - This is also an optional field that can bed used to have external ID also included in the outcome. This can be used to pass the data to other connectors and sync with the records for existing list of customers.