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commercetools SPHERE.IOis a Germany-based e-commerce platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that allows merchants to build and connect world-class shopping experience on web, smartphone, tablet and point of sale. Made by developers for developers, SPHERE.IO offers an extremely versatile cloud-based commerce platform.

Thanks to the API-based platform, SPHERE.IO offers the highest flexibility and scalability being easy to integrate and therefore, saving costs immensely. No matter what sales channels are used.

The SPHERE.IO component acts not only both as a trigger and an action connector.

Sphere.IO Authentication

Before you can use the Sphere.IO connector you must authenticate it so that our system can start work with the data in your Sphere.IO account.

Name your account (required) - Give your account a memorable name here.

Next credentials are accessed in your Sphere.IO account if you go to Developers > API CLIENTS. There in the section Client Credential Flow, you can find necessary details to fill in complete the form. For simplicity, we have created an example project called elasticio-documentation-1.

Project Name (required) - This is the name of your project that you are trying to get the data from. From above example it is elasticio-documentation-1.

Client ID (required) - will be in the client_id field which is blurred for obvious reasons.

Client Secret (required) - This is the long alpha-numeric code which can be copied from client_secret field (again blurred for security).