Amazon S3 component will soon be updated. This is the historical documentation.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), provides developers and IT teams with secure, durable and highly scalable object storage. It's is easy to use, with a simple web services interface to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web.

Amazon S3 provides cost-effective object storage for a wide variety of use cases including cloud applications, content distribution, backup and archiving, disaster recovery, and big data analytics.

Amazon S3 connector at Elastic.IO acts only as a trigger component with a New File function.


New File

This connector is triggered whenever a New File appears at the specified Amazon S3 account. There are, however, several important implementation rules that are useful to follow for uninterrupted flow of your data from Amazon S3 to your next connector.

  • Object key path separator is /

  • Maximum file size - 10MB

  • The prefix can be used for limiting the response to keys that begin with the specified prefix. See the reference manual for more information.

  • Amazon S3 region EU (Frankfurt) eu-central-1 may not work properly as it only supports signature version 4.