Microsoft Dynamics NAV component will soon be updated. This is the historical documentation.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is global enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that helps more than 100,000 companies worldwide manage their accounting and finances, supply chain, and operations.

Start with what you need now, and easily adapt as your business needs change. In the Microsoft cloud or on your servers—the choice is yours.

Dynamics NAV Authentication

In order to use the Dynamics NAV with our Elastic.IO environment you would need to first authenticate your account.

  • Name your account (required) - Please give one memorable name for you to identify this account during the integration designer stage.

  • Username (required) - Please give here the API username from your Navision installation.

  • Password (required) - Input the password of the same API username

  • Domain (required) - Please input here the domain name of the group to which this username belongs

  • Service Url (required) - The URL of your Navision installation with a full path.

In the end, if you supply all your information you should have login windows like this: