Mail component will soon be updated. This is the historical documentation.

Mail or Electronic mail, commonly referred to as email or e-mail, is a method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients.

At Elastic.IO Mail component can be added to any app of your choice: Debitoor, Salesforce, Wufoo, Dropbox, etc. With the mail component, you can send customised emails with various values to any address.



The Mail component acts only as an action component with a Post method. It will basically send an email to the provided address.



This is where you write your text or assign an appropriate variable to populate it. This field is required and can only accept string value.

Character Restriction

Character Restriction: The Body section can only accept 1000 characters. Make sure to adjust your text or variables accordingly.


This field is for an email subject and is required as well. Accepts only string values.


This is the field where you provide the email address. This field is required and can only be of string type.


Resulting mail is sent from <> address with all the necessary fields populated with your requested information.