The Amazon MWS component is currently a premium component by which can be deployed into your developer team by our team. These are instruction on how to setup the component to work with your Amazon MWS seller account.

This article is intended to guide you through the configuration setups for Amazon MWS in the case when your marketplace is non-US based or you intend to extend the currently available component. For this to work you would need to define component-specific environment variables.

After the Amazon MWS component is deployed to your repository, you would need to configure the repository with 3 environmental variables: AMAZON_MWS_ACCESS_KEY, AMAZON_MWS_SECRET_KEY and AMAZON_MWS_MARKETPLACE_ID. Please follow these steps to get obtain your credentials in Amazon Seller Central and implement them in the component.

Login to Amazon Seller Central dedicated to your country.

To find which one to use simply visit Amazon Services and navigate your way through your Seller Central page.

After login navigate to your Settings > User Permissions like it is shown below:

When in the User Permissions page scroll-down to find the section called Amazon MWS Developer Permissions and check the Current Authorizations table shown below:

Copy the Developer ID for later use when you would need to create the necessary credentials to use inside the platform Security Credentials part. For more instructions read Amazon MWS component Overview article.

Please use this Developer ID not the one from to create an access token associated with your non-US seller central Seller ID.

Going further: click the link called "View your credentials" in the column entitled Action Taken. If you have several Developer IDs in your account then make sure to click on the link in the row where the related Developer ID is located. When clicked window will pop-up which would be similar like this shown below:

Copy the values of AWS Access Key ID and the Secret Key to be used inside the platform as environment variables AMAZON_MWS_ACCESS_KEY and AMAZON_MWS_SECRET_KEY respectively.

Usually Secret Key is Hidden - click to unhide. In addition, make sure that the Status is Enabled. If not check your general permissions page for to do so or contact your Amazon Seller Central account administrator to do so.

Navigate back to the platform > Developers > YourTeam (where Amazon MWS is deployed) > amazonmws > Environment Variables part. More information on how to fill-in the environment variables for an individual component is explained in a separate guide entitled: How to define env vars for components. After opening the section for environment variables it would look like this:

Finally to Add AMAZON_MWS_MARKETPLACE_ID variable please visit the Amazon MWS endpoints and MarketplaceId values page to get the appropriate value for the marketplace you are connecting: