Developing software has always been a work of many and therefore it is common practice in software development community to work in teams. In fact, it is required to create a team in order to work on deploying your on component into the platform.

In this article:

Creating a team

To create a team open the Developers section which will have no Teams or Repositories at first like it's displayed here:

Select the + Create new team button to enter the name of your team.

Please note: you can only use letters, digits, - and _ to name your team. No spaces!

After creating the team you are automatically becoming the member of that team (logically).

You can proceed to either creating your first repository in this team and uploading your custom component or you can invite your fellow developers into the same team to participate in the development of that particular component. Creating a repository and uploading your custom component is covered elsewhere, here we will continue and see how to invite your fellow developers into this newly created team.

Inviting other developers into your team

To invite your colleagues into your development team to work on the same custom component use the button right below the team name:

Your colleagues will receive an e-mail receiving an access to your development team:

After inviting several developers your team view on Developers section would have all your invited colleagues under Members like this:

Now you are probably anxious to create your repository and deploy your component code. However, you must complete yet another step - upload your SSH Key to be allowed to push your code.

Please remind your fellow developers to follow the same procedure and upload their own unique SSH Key before proceeding further.

Deleting a team

If you require any team to be deleted make sure that all the associated repositories are deleted first before proceeding further. TIP: You can always re-deploy your repositories choosing another developer team.

Only Organization Admin can delete a developer team and only when it is empty.To delete a developer team follow these steps:

  1. Delete all the repositories belonging to this developer team.
  2. Remove all team members from the team. This can be done via API call described here.
  3. Proceed to delete the developer team using a different API call described here.