elastic.io Shopware component supports several action functions which can be used to add or update the customer, order and product data from your Shopware instance.

The actions are:

Before using any listed action Shopware account needs to be added. If you have done the account authentication process then here you can just select your added account. If not you can start the process of adding account from here as well.

Update Customer

41 unique fields

General properties : Id, Email, Internal Comment, Customer Group Key, External ID

billing : Billing Company, Billing Country ID, Billing Department, Billing Salutation, Billing Number, Billing First Name, Billing Last Name, Billing Street, Billing Street Number, Billing Zip Code, Billing City, Billing Phone, Billing Fax, Billing Vat Id, Billing, Text 1, Billing, Text 2, Billing, Text 3, Billing, Text 4, Billing, Text 5, Billing, Text 6

shipping : Shipping Company, Shipping Country ID, Shipping Department, Shipping Salutation, Shipping First Name, Shipping Last Name, Shipping Street, Shipping Street Number, Shipping Zip Code, Shipping City, Shipping, Text 1, Shipping, Text 2, Shipping, Text 3, Shipping, Text 4, Shipping, Text 5, Shipping, Text 6

Create or Update Product

100 unique fields

General properties : Name, Tax, Supplier ID, Supplier, Price Group ID, Filter Group ID, Description, Description Long, Added, Active (0 / 1), Pseudo Sales, Highlight, Keywords, Meta Title, Changed, Price Group Active, Last Stock, Cross Bundle Look, Notification, Template, Mode, Available From, Available To, Customer Group ID's

main Detail : Main Detail Unit ID, Main Detail Number (External ID), Main Detail Supplier Number, Main Detail Kind, Main Detail Additional Text, Main Detail Active, Main Detail In Stock, Main Detail Stock Min, Main Detail Weight, Main Detail Width, Main Detail Len, Main Detail Height, Main Detail Ean, Main Detail Position, Main Detail Min Purchase, Main Detail Purchase Steps, Main Detail Max Purchase, Main Detail Purchase Unit, Main Detail Reference Unit, Main Detail Pak Unit, Main Detail Shipping Free, Main Detail Release Date, Main Detail Shipping Time

main Detail | attribute : Attr1, Attr2, Attr3, Attr4, Attr5, Attr6, Attr7, Attr8, Attr9, Attr10, Attr11, Attr12, Attr13, Attr14, Attr15, Attr16, Attr17, Attr18, Attr19, Attr20

images : Image Link, Image Description, Image Path, Image Main, Image Position, Image Width, Image Height, Image Relations, Image Extension, Image Media ID

configurator Set : Configurator Set Name, Configurator Set Name, Configurator Set Group Name, Configurator Set Group Description, Configurator Set Group Position, Configurator Set Group Option Name, Configurator Set Group Option Position

downloads : Downloads Name, Downloads File, Downloads Size, Downloads Link

categories : Category ID, Category Path

similar : Similar ID, Similar Name

related : Related ID, Related Name

translations : Translations[] -> Name, Translations[] -> Description, Translations[] -> Long Description, Translations[] -> MetaTitle, Translations[] -> PackUnit, Translations[] -> ShopID

Update product

Fields are almost identical but some parts are not included. These parts are: configurator Set, downloads, similar, related and Category Path from categories.

Add Price

General properties : Article Number, Customer Group Key, From(Count), To(Count), Price, Pseudo Price, Base Price, Percent

Create or Update Customer Group

The only two input fields are: Customer Group Key and Customer Group Name.

Update order

General properties : ID, Number, Payment Status ID, Order Status ID, Tracking Code, Comment, Customer Сomment, Internal Сomment, Transaction ID, Cleared Date, External ID

details : Details[] -> ID, Details[] -> Status, Details[] -> Shipped (0/1)

attribute : Attribute -> ID, Attribute -> Attribute1, Attribute -> Attribute2, Attribute -> Attribute3, Attribute -> Attribute4, Attribute -> Attribute5, Attribute -> Attribute6