To extend some of the functionality of Shopware original API our team have developed a plugin which enables those additional fields to be accessed via API call.

Please Note: Shopware REST API extension plugin is REQUIRED for Shopware component to work properly. The plugin needs to be installed in your Shopware shop.

Installing the plugin

Download file and install it on you Shopware instance using Plugin Manager.

Shopware REST API extension code is also available to download from our GitHub repository and build personally if desired.

Shopware REST API extension

Here are the specific parts where extension adds the functionality:

  • /api/ArticlePrices: Create/Raad/Update article prices
  • /api/CustomersWithoutExternalId: Retrieve customers that have no external_id property set
  • /api/OrdersWithoutExternalId: Retrieve orders that have no external_id property set
  • /api/UpdatedCustomers: Retrieve customers updates after a given date
  • /api/CustomerGroupByKey: Retrieve customer groups by a given group key
  • /api/Countries: Retrieve all countries, retrieve country by id
  • /api/NewOrders: Retrieve orders created after a given date
  • /api/OrdersByExternalId: CRUD orders by a given external_id
  • /api/CustomersByExternalId: CRUD customers by a given external_id