Before Shopware component can be used you must connect it to our system. Once you have connected your Shopware account the system will save this connection for you so that you can use it in other integration flows as well if you choose so.

To connect your Shopware account to our system or as we call it Authenticate it you would need to find the right kind of information from your Shopware installation and fill-in the form when adding the new account:

  • Your Shopware domain (required) - Domain of your Shopware which should be of https://your-shop-domain.ext/ form.
  • Your login (required) - Use your login name for the Shopware.
  • Your API key (required) - The API key can be found by selecting the Configuration menu in your Shopware program and choosing the User administration (Step 1):

Next you would need to find the appropriate user name which you login into the Shopware backend (Step 2):

On our example the login name is demo which we chose arbitrary. Next we need to edit the username in order to get the API Key assigned to this username. Press the icon shown on Step 3. It will open an additional window the upper part of which should look like this:

If you have enabled your API Key (Step 4) it will be located here as it is shown on the Step 5. Copy and Paste it into the appropriate field of credentials to finally add the Shopware account to our system.

After adding the Shopware account you can proceed to use the Shopware component in your integration flows.