Shopware is a flexible, powerful and customisable eCommerce software made in Germany. Innovation, advanced technologies and comprehensive services make Shopware one of the most promising eCommerce solutions on the market. With Shopware you can quickly and easily create an online shop, regardless of your store requirements. has a Shopware component which can be used to connect your Shopware run online Shop with other services. This component was developed to meet certain needs of our customers and may not support all the Shopware API functionalities out of the box. However, like all our components, this component can also be extended and developed further to support additional functionality.

Please check the details of supported actions and triggers to learn about the current functionality of Shopware component.

If you would require additional functionality to be added please get in touch with our sales department to discuss your use case.

Working with Shopware component Shopware is a Proprietary component and is not free to clone and modify, however it is deployed into platform by default - It can be used as it is.
Before the Shopware component can be used it needs to be connected with via Authentication process.
To fully use the functionality of component you would need to install our Shopware REST API extension plugin in Shopware.