How to implement?

TextAreView can be used to render multi-line text area for different purposes. Here is an example of TextAreaView view class in use:

"query": {
    "label": "SQL Query",
    "viewClass": "TextAreaView",
    "required": true,
    "placeholder": "INSERT INTO films (code,title,kind) VALUES (${code},${title},${kind})",
    "note": "You can use properties of message body as <em>${values}</em>&nbsp; in your insert or update or delete"

This code will render the following input form:

label and viewClass

label and viewClass required as defined in the Fields Object and are treated as string.


required the parameter is boolean type which means can only be true or false. If true is used a red asterisk (*) appears along with the label of the field.

If the value is set to false then the field is not required and the input field can be filled optional.


Use placeholder to give a descriptive text. It will appear in the input field. The text can be as long as necessary, the UI will extend expand downwards automatically.


Use the note parameter to provide more information about the input field. When present a question mark will appear and the text will be shown in a tooltip when hovered. This parameter replaces the need to use the deprecated TextAreaWithNoteView view class. This parameter is not required.

note can accept a simple text, URL and HTML emphasize. Th text in tooltip will be folded for longer texts.