Add required components

To begin with embedding you would need to add the required components into your instance of the platform. For example, following the use case provided we need to add Salesforce, SugarCRM and Dynamics CRM components. These components would not be deployed automatically - they would need to be requested separately.

All connectors in our samples use OAuth for authentication, to add them you would need to create/register your App in Salesforce, Sugar and MS Azure. After that you would need to specify your OAuth consumer key and secret during the initial setup.

Base components are provided by default

In addition to the components you have requested for your app, the base components would be added into your integration platform instance automatically. Those components are required for the functionality of your instance. The base components are:

  • Data Mapper - the bread and butter of our integrations. This component is the one which maps the incoming data into specified fields to send to outgoing data.
  • Timer - adds a possibility to send some specific information every specified time period.
  • WebHook - provides a possibility to process data via HTTP POST or HTTP GET.