A View Class specifies how to render an input field. This View Classes definitions are used in different Object types.

General View Classes

  • TextFieldView - Renders a single line text field.
  • TextAreaView - Renders a multi-line text area.
  • SelectView - Renders a drop-down menu to select from available values.
  • CheckBoxView - Renders a checkbox.
  • PasswordFieldView - Renders a standard password entry text field where the input values are replaced by symbols such as the asterisk (*) or a dot ()
  • OAuthFieldView - Renders button for initiating the OAuth process.

Component Specific View Classes

The view classes are used only in specific components and are customised for them specifically.

  • CodeFieldView - Renders an ACE editor which supports only JavaScript. This view class is used only in code component.
  • JSONataView - Renders two fields. First one is a text area where JSONata expressions can be inputted and the second one where the result of JSONata evaluation is shown. This view class is used only in JSONata transform component.
  • WebHookPayloadView - Renders an input text area field to define a payload metadata for the WebHook component.
  • CSVReadView - Renders the necessary fields to configure the input values for the CSV component.

Deprecated View Classes

  • TextFieldWithNoteView - use TextFieldView with a note parameter instead.
  • TextAreaWithNoteView - use TextAreView with a note parameter instead.
  • DateFieldView - no longer supported.
  • DateTimeFieldView - no longer supported.
  • TimeFieldView - no longer supported.

DateFieldView, DateTimeFieldView and TimeFieldView are not supported in current UI.

TextFieldWithNoteView and TextAreaWithNoteView view classes are still in use in a number of components and the support for these view classes will be discontinued soon after all the used instances are migrated.