Used to expose component's actions. The properties of this object are used as unique action names.

Property Name Type Required Description
title string Yes Human readable title of the action.
main string Yes Relative path to a Node.js module or a fully qualified name of a Java class.
metadata object Yes Contains a two properties in and out whose values are JSON Schemas describing the metadata of the message's body consumed and produced by the action. The in metadata define the input data required by the action. These metadata are rendered as input fields on the right-hand side of the mapper. The out metadata define the out data produced by the action. These metadata are rendered as draggable elements on the left-hand side of the mapper.
fields object
Action specific input fields used to provide configuration for the action.

Any object implementation is directly connected with one or several View Class definitions, therefore it is advisable to check them as well.

Here is an example of action object implementation:

"queryAction": {
  "title": "Query",
  "main": "./lib/actions/query.js",
  "metadata": {
    "in": {
       "type": "object",
      "properties": {
           "query": {
              "maxLength": "20000",
                 "title": "SOQL Query",
                 "type": "string",
                 "required": "true"
   "out": {}