The Fields Object specifies how to render an input field used to collect input from a user that is required for a component to work properly.

For example, fields object is used for providing credentials to authenticate with the given API or to configure a trigger/action with some parameters:

Property Name Type Required Description
label string Yes Label for the input field.
viewClass string Yes Specifies how to render an input field.
required boolean
Specifies whether a value for this input is required or not. If not present then the value is false by default.
model object or string
Used only with SelectView to define the available options for selection. If the value is of type object, the property name of this JSON object are used as option keys and the values as option labels. Instead of defining a JSON object it is possible to use a name of a function exposed by a component that returns such a JSON object.
prompt string
Used only with SelectView or SelectPropertyView when no option is selected
prefix string
Used with TextFieldView to display a prefix for an input field.
suffix string
Used with TextFieldView to display a suffix for an input field.
require string
Specifies an arrays of field names that this field depends on and requires to valid.
placeholder string
Used to pre-fill descriptive text on an html form.

Any object implementation is directly connected with one or several View Class definitions, therefore it is advisable to check them as well.