Organizations or the Organizational unit is meant to closely resemble real-life company organization hierarchy and the management.

For example, your organization has an integration project which uses several in-house developed integration components. Each component has its own development team including members of your organization as well as some contract developers.

What are the benefits of the Organization structure?

To put this simply: the Organization can be used to encompass all of those development teams as well as to create the integration flows using all of those developed components. However, there are more features included in this unit. Here is a summary of capabilities that Organization can enable:

  • Share integration tasks with colleagues
  • Share secure account credentials
  • Share lookup tables
  • Share private components

All of these possibilities can be enabled or disabled based on the level of access within the Organizational unit. All members of an Organization would have their access level or roles.

What roles are there and what level of access they can have?

Currently, there are only 3 roles:

  • Admin - this role gives the holder all the rights within the Organizational unit
  • Integrator - this role is usually granted for designing the integration process by building the flows, etc
  • Guest - this role gives view-only rights to examine the work done by Integrators

Please note only the Tenant Administrator can create an Organizations unit and the first Admin for you. After the unit is created the Organization Admin can invite others and set their level of access.

The table below summarises access level of organization members for these roles:

Name / Feature Guest Integrator Admin
Add or Remove a member No No Yes
View Integration Tasks / Run Logs / Errors Yes Yes Yes
View security credentials / lookup tables No Yes Yes
Share Integration Tasks No Yes Yes
Stop / Run Integration Tasks No Yes Yes
Edit Integration Tasks No Yes Yes
Create Integration Tasks No Yes Yes
Delete Integration Tasks No Yes Yes
Create / Edit / Delete lookup tables No Yes Yes
Create / Edit / Delete Security Credentials No Yes Yes
Add / Edit / Delete Environment Variables No No Yes

Organization and code deployment

Being a member of an Organizational unit does not give you rights to push into any repository if you are not a member of the same development team.

It does not matter if you have Admin right for the Organization. To be able to contribute to the code of any component you need to be invited into the development team.

Only Admin can add, edit or delete any environment variables for the custom repositories.